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Do you want to learn more about recent immigration policy changes and take steps to affect change? Here are a few ways you can get engaged.

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Make a Gift

Support The Dream Fund to help immigrant students with modest grants so unexpected emergencies do not derail their academic dreams.

Be Supportive

Advise those affected by immigration policy changes to seek out the appropriate University resources listed on this website. Remember that you cannot dispense legal advice, including advice related to visas and travel.

On a personal level, be willing to ask questions. Invite people to discuss what is sometimes a difficult conversation. Be compassionate and understand that many people are feeling vulnerable and afraid.

Advocate for Change

If you are interested in immigration issues, there are many ways to make your voice heard and show your support for those affected by immigration policy changes. Check out our list of resources >>

Support Scholarships for Immigrants

Make a gift to the Immigrant Opportunity Scholarship Fund. The fund supports first- or second-generation immigrant students on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, with preference for those whose families are refugees or sought asylum. 

Support The Dream Fund

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