The Dream Fund

We are proud to announce the creation of The Dream Fund, a new fund to help immigrant students so unexpected emergencies do not derail their academic dreams.

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The University of Minnesota is committed to removing barriers for students to pursue their academic dreams.

Please consider a contribution of any amount to make the Dream Fund a reality.

Eligible students can receive a grant to provide financial assistance for housing, groceries, books, medical or dental care or other extenuating emergencies. The fund will be available to students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ("Dreamers"), undocumented students, and students whose Temporary Protected Status has ended.

For Interested Students:

View eligibility and requirements to apply here


Support the Dream Fund

Give Now

Gifts by check can be made payable to University of Minnesota Foundation (include Dream Fund #22242 in the memo) and mail to:

University of Minnesota Foundation
PO Box 860266
Minneapolis, MN 55486

“The academic and intellectual rigor of graduate school have pushed the limits of what I thought I could accomplish. My growth as a person and intellectual would not be possible without the unyielding support and high expectations of my department, advisers and graduate faculty. [Now], I fear my family will be separated, or that I will be unable to continue my graduate studies.  This is an emotional and psychological burden that I cannot escape.”

- UMN graduate student with DACA