Basics About Submitting Comment Letters

Public comments are an important (but often overlooked) part of the regulatory process. Proposed regulations do not need to be reviewed by Congress, so submitting a comment is the public’s opportunity to share their opinion about proposed changes. 

  • is the primary website for submitting public comments, although some agencies have separate processes.
  • Anyone is welcome to submit a public comment. You do not need to be an immigration expert or a citizen.
  • Your comment does not need to be lengthy. Agencies are required to review all submitted comments, so we encourage people to submit comments—even if they are short.
  • Comments can be submitted anonymously or with your name attached.
  • In most instances, comments (including your identity, if you do not submit anonymously) will be publicly viewable through the website, so you should carefully consider what information you choose to submit.
  • Various organizations will publish sample language or template letters individuals can use when submitting their comments. It is important to personalize these templates with your own experiences so that it can have a greater impact.