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DACA Recipients: Important Update

In accordance with a January 9th decision by a federal judge in California, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has resumed the acceptance and processing of DACA renewal applications as of January 13. DACA receipients: read our update here.

Immigration Policy Updates

October 18: Proposed Public Charge Measure Open for Public Comment>>

July 20: USCIS Quietly Makes Changes That Could Cause Major Problems>>

July 19: DHS Extends Temporary Protected Status for Somalia>>

June 26: Supreme Court Upholds the Travel/Muslim Ban>>

April 25: Judge calls Administration's DACA Decision "Virtually Unexplained">>


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals FAQ

Know Your Rights

Avoid Scams
We have resources to avoid scams aimed at immigrants and international students.

Immigration Resources by Campus
We updated our resource section with services available to all UMN campuses.

“Extreme Vetting” for U.S. Visas

Embassies and consulates can now request much more information from visa applicants. We are interested in learning how this might affect all UMN campuses. If you are willing to share, use this form to report your visa application experience.

Tracking Experiences with Customs and Border Protection

Immigrants, international students and scholars, and U.S. citizens can share their experience with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) when entering the United States. Experiences with Customs and Border Protection is a voluntary form to help us understand how students and staff might be affected by CBP inspections, including searches of mobile devices.

Request a Presentation

Members of the Immigration Response Team are available to make presentations to groups, units and committees on various topics related to immigration. Make a request >>

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The Dream Fund provides modest grants for emergency situations to students who have/had DACA, lost Temporary Protected Status, are undocumented or face other challenges due to immigration policy changes. Learn more about applying to The Dream Fund.

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Looking for Legal Help?

You should begin by reviewing our list of resources available at the University and in the community.

Additionally, the Immigration Response Team is available to talk with individuals who are looking for legal assistance and need information about where to get help.  Please email us at